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Children beyond the limit

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"Children Beyond the Limit" is a social non-profit project of international level. It covers eight countries of the world, the territory of which extends beyond the Arctic Circle. Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and the USA. Each country is not only a new route, it is a new global problem that we explore and illustrate in our travels.


Kola Peninsula, Russia















The topic is the potential of modern children.

They are the new explorers of the world.

The ability to overcome difficulties and bad weather, to find joy where a modern city dweller is not able to spend even a few hours. A difficult mountain route in the conditions of the Russian Arctic. Kola Peninsula, Khibiny. Complete autonomy. Lack of mobile communication. Rain, icy wind, hail, snow, countless fords of mountain rivers, the scorching sun ...

The next route is "South-North".






















The topic is the Internet and computer addiction.

The World Health Organization has included Internet addiction in the list of diseases.

Raising children in the family and society, children's attitude to the modern technological world, the causes of computer and Internet addiction

We will see this problem from a different angle.

What do we know about modern children, except that the age of technology has taken over their minds, swallowed up their consciousness ... Is it right to see them like that? Is it correct to treat them like a lost generation? Coming soon ... Answers to these and many other questions

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